The Portrait Project premiered online on November 19, 2020. The show can now be viewed at anytime at the link below and on the University of Regina Theatre Department youtube channel:



WELCOME to our creative collaborators in Greece!

The cast and crew of THE PORTRAIT PROJECT are thrilled to welcome our international collaborators from the University of the Peloponesse in Nafplio, Greece.  Kathryn Bracht, the initiator of the project here at the University of Regina, and her colleague Emmanouela Vogiatzaki Krukowsky from the University of the Peloponesse in Nafplio, Greece, have connected through their artistic and academic practice to bring together students from Canada and Greece in an international collaborative response.  The students in Greece began the semester at their university in mid-October, and will complete their creative responses to the same portraits you will see here today in mid-February of 2021. At that time, we will be sharing the work of our Greek collaborators on this website - so be sure to visit us from time to time as we continue to update our website and showcase not only the work of our own film and theatre students here at the University of Regina, but also that of our new friends and colleagues at the University of the Peloponesse!  Students in both countries have had the opportunity to meet and connect online, and will have more opportunities to meet in the future to discuss the process of creation in this unique international collaboration.  

Watch it here:


The Theatre Department at the University of Regina

Since 2014 the Theatre Department in the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance at the University of Regina has been envisioning and working toward the creation of a new B.F.A. program, one that would create the next generation of theatre makers and critical thinkers. 

We are beyond thrilled to say we’ve been given the green light to launch our new B.F.A. in Devised Performance and Theatre Creation in the fall of 2022! We are incredibly proud of the University of Regina and the Faculty of Media Art and Performance for supporting this dynamic and forward-thinking new initiative in theatre training – it will be the only one of its kind in Western Canada.  Lead by myself, Kathryn Bracht, with contributions from film students of the Department Head of Film’s Gerald Saul, The Portrait Project signifies an important step toward our new degree, as it exemplifies the kind of quality self-driven artistic work the Theatre Department will be pursuing in our new program.

Over the past two or three years we’ve begun to produce more original, devised theatre creations and new play projects, often inviting some of the amazing theatre artists that live right here in Regina to work with our students. We aim to continue this creative practice and collaboration with the wonderful theatre artists who’ve chosen to make Saskatchewan their home, and we wanted to share this good news with you all.

But the collaborations don’t not stop there …

The Portrait Project also linked artistic practice with students at the University of the Peloponnese in Tripoli, Greece, and this collaborative effort marks a unique and growing relationship between their institution and ours – one that we hope to develop over the coming years.  Lead by artist and scholar Emmanouela Vogiatzaki-Krukowski, our Greek friends will showcase their work right here alongside our student’s work, so we invite you watch this space over the coming months as we present more student work here at the University of Regina, but also our Greek colleague’s artistic responses to the same portraits, using aspects of the work you see on the website here from their Canadian counterparts.

Kathryn Bracht

Department Head, Theatre

January 2021